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!!!! UPDATE !!!!
Due to security measures linked to the Coronavirus, We have to cancel all Magasin4 shows  until the end of March. 
We'll be taking care of presales reimbursement from this week-end on but it might take some time. Be patient ! 
We'll keep you informed about the April shows. 
Stay healthy and we will be back soon
Thanks for your support in those strange times ! 

»»» updated 06/04 18:21 CONFIRMED EVENT :: TUESDAY 24.11.2020 :: Midnight (US) + red death (US) + Hellripper (UK)
»»» updated 06/04 18:20 NEW ARTIST :: TUESDAY 24.11.2020 :: Midnight (US) + red death (US) + Hellripper (UK)
»»» updated 06/04 18:20 NEW EVENT :: TUESDAY 24.11.2020 :: Midnight (US) + red death (US) + Hellripper (UK)
»»» updated 04/04 10:55 NEW ARTIST :: FRIDAY 30.10.2020 :: Old Time Relijun (US) + Secte (BE) + Quasi Una Fantasia (BE) + Guillaume Maupin (BE)
»»» updated 31/03 11:52 CANCELLED EVENT :: TUESDAY 19.05.2020 :: June of 44 (US) + kassei (BE)
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Hypnodrone Ensemble (CA) + Nordra (US) + Common Eider King Eider (US) Spacerock / Drone / Ambient

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

» Hypnodrone Ensemble  (Drone / Spacerock)
Aidan Baker (Nadja, Caudal, Adoran, B/B/S, etc.) and thisquietarmy’s Eric Quach (also of Parallel Lines, Destroyalldreamers, etc.) are both prolific experimental guitar and effects wizards. They have collaborated a few times in the past, and decided to push their joint efforts into uncharted territories. For this Hypnodrone Ensemble, they teamed up with no less than three drummers. Felipe Salazar (Caudal, Muerte En Pereira), Jérémie Mortier (Alice in the Cities, Lady Shot from a Tree), and Dave Dunnett (Man Meets Bear) propel these atmospheric guitar drones with an exciting polyrhythmic drive.   The newly forged band premiered their explorations at N.K. in Berlin last May 2014. The recordings of this set have been expertly mastered by James Plotkin, and are released by Consouling Sounds during the artist in residency of Aidan Baker at Incubate Festival 2014, where they also performed at Paradox in Tilburg, Netherlands.   Hypnodrone Ensemble entered Golden Retriever Studio in Berlin a few of days later to record their follow-up titled "The Shape of Space", adding Gareth Sweeney on bass. The LP is set to be released in May 2015.   Don’t expect vintage Aidan Baker or thisquietarmy, but expect something out of the ordinary and exciting. Less doom or drone, more space rock and even stoner rock.
» Nordra  (Ambient / Industrial)
» Common Eider King Eider  (Drone Ambient)
Common Eider, King Eider is a musical and ritual collective created as a vehicle to explore the intersectional possibilities between creativity, spirituality, magick, and political action. Over the past 13 years, CEKE have released 13 albums on such labels as Cyclic Law (DE), Cold Spring (UK), Sentient Ruin (US), Black Horizons (US), and Consouling Sound (BE). Elements of musique concrète, field recordings, modern composition, black metal, and improvisation create soundscapes of both beauty and terror, sadness and hope. Voice, viola, antler, dirt, and bone channel energies and voices speaking to both the sorrow of environmental destruction and the negative imposed psychic frameworks placed on the body, but also of beauty, hope, and of finding the narrow moonlit path winding into the center of the darkest woods. There strength lies, solace is found, and rage is unleashed.
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Facs (US) + Shoeshine (BE) + Kürsk (BE)
Sludge / Hardcore
Cult Leader (US) + TerraFormer (BE) + Hamers (BE)
Total Chaos (US) + Justify All Means (NL) + Social Retards (BE)
Uada (US) + Grift (SE) + Solbrud (DK) + Velnias (US)
Garage Rock
The Sonics (US) + Toybloid (FR) + The Bombsite Kids (BE)
Psychedelic / Post Metal
PH (Mr Peter Hayden) (FI) + Sum of R (CH/FI) + Cussd (BE)
Proyecto Secreto (BE) + Victor Rice Septet (US) + The pigeons (BE)
Grindcore / Hardcore / Sludge / Metal
Cloud Rat (US) + Leechfeast (NL) + Glassing (US)
Stoner Rock / Desert Rock
Brant Bjork (US) + Maidavale (SE)
Sludge / Post Hard Core
Helms Alee (US) + Down the lees (BE)
Suma (SE) + Toner Low (NL) + Nephtys (BE)
Metal / Hardcore / Punk Rock
Promethee (CH) + Wolves Scream (BE) + Black Sheep (BE) + Eastwood (BE) + Hybridism (BE)
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